AquaBabies ...

Babies as young as 3 months can be taught LIFE SAVING TECHNIQUES.

Here, babies can learn that if they fall into a pool, they can roll over onto their back, come to the surface and be able to breathe, floating on their back, fully clothed, for up to 15 minutes and/or until help arrives. 

Our lessons also include water safety and confidence activities as well as fun games and songs.

Do you want to share a special moment? How about an in the water bonding experience with your child? Holsworthy Aquatic Centre is the place for you!  

Parents/carers participate in the lesson and are instructed in these techniques by our qualified instructors.

Here we have 30 minute group classes where it is a great opportunity for bonding with your child.

 For further information, do not hesitate to  contact us or click on the documents below!

Click on the file below for some parent information and frequently asked questions regarding our AquaBabies classes.

Just remember, every child will learn at a different pace and we accommodate all levels throughout our classes ...

Aquababies Guidelines.pdf Aquababies Guidelines.pdf
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Click on the file below for a comprehensive list of what to bring to your first AquaBabies class.

Feel free to print and use the check list to ensure you have everything you need ....

What to bring AQB.pdf What to bring AQB.pdf
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Click below to see what some say is hard to learn .....
You will be surprised what babies are capable of .....

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