Learn To Swim...

Holsworthy Aquatic Centre's Learn to Swim program is designed to cater to children from the age of two.

They will progress through the levels of swimming techniques at an age appropriate rate. This includes correct breathing, body positioning and stroking.

Our program is a progressive approach that certifies children to learn with others at a similar skill level and progress through the HAC's methodology.

This skill based system allows the children to progress through the levels understanding and comprehending this life skill they have embarked on.

As a school of rewarding and praising our children and their successes, Holsworthy Aquatic Centre presents the children with certificates with each level.
These certificates are regularly viewed by our on deck supervisor, which they continually monitor and mark any achievements made by the child.

In addition, we love to create a fun learning environments for our students as we want them to be comfortable in this new environment. As a result, our instructors are reminded that they could possibly be a child’s very first teacher outside of their parents and it is our mission to ensure that this experience allows them to want to continue being taught and learn regardless of where it occurs. Whether it be at school, a new sporting club, or anything involving being taught a new life skill.

Our Learn To Swim lessons are 30 minutes in length, and a maximum of 4 students per instructor in our Seahorse, Goldfish levels, 5 students in our Dolphin level and 6 studentsin our Lobster level.

All Learn To Swim levels are conducted without parental assistance allowing for independent learning.

Benefits of swimming all year round

•  Improve Safety – Keep up important experience and skills, the risks don’t go away during cooler times of the year.

•  Maintain Skills – Skills need reinforcement or they can regress, especially with children under 5 years.

•  Physical Fitness - Establish a routine of fitness, swimming offers healthy benefits with minimal risk of sport related injury.

•  Develop a skill that will last a lifetime – Almost all ages and ability levels can use the water for recreation, exercise and sport.

•  “Ongoing stimulation and developmental benefits”

•  Parental Bonding – In the water, the close physical contact and quality time helps strengthen the natural bond like no other environment can.

•  Social Skills – Maintain important social interaction each week with regular attendance.

•  It's Fun! - Continue the enjoyment.