Our Levels ...

Swimming for the first time for some, may be a little nerve-wrecking. From the age of 2 years and run with no more than 4 students per class, the seahorse level caters to the needs of children with different confidence levels.

This level provides an anxious-free and fun-filled experience to create solid fundamentals in our teaching methods, to which we instil into our children. Not only do we base our lessons around fun, we also encourage our students to be the best they can be through celebrating each and every successes with positive praise and rewards.

The seahorse level is designed to create a non-swimmer into a child that is now competent in dog-paddling, back floating, back-sculling and dives. This is a solid foundation for the next level.



Building on the foundations learnt in Seahorses, the Goldfish level introduces and develops the 2-arm freestyle, streamlining on their backs, backstroke, dolphin kick and dives.

Like the Seahorse level, it is also run with no more than 4 students per class. This level focuses on the fundamentals of technique based swimming such as freestyle and backstroke through the use of various drills and activities that help create and develop the complete stroke.

Our main focus and goal is to allow the children to understand the key fundamental aspects of each technique such as body positioning and timing.

The goldfish level is designed to introduce and develop the 2-arm freestyle on the kickboard, streamline on their back, backstroke, dolphin kick and dive. Let's fine tune these skills in the next level.

Now that the hard part is out of the way, let's fine tune your children's swimming.

This level fine tunes your children's 2-arm freestyle without the use of a kickboard, streamline on their back, correct backstroke, dolphin kicks and dives.

By the end of this level, your child is able to swim the previously stated techniques confidently for the distance of 25 metres or more, all with good form.



Within this level children begin to learn and refine techniques specific to competitive racing.

The first two major techniques learnt in this level are the addition of arms to their butterfly kick and breaststroke, as well as the correct timing of their arms when completing the stroke technique. 

Another aspect of swimming the children will learn are the starts, turns and finishes in all strokes. 

Implementing these correctly in this level are essential as it allows for efficient and fast swimmers.

With basic technique learnt and understood, we begin to introduce variation in stroke technique and focus a little on endurance.

Our lobster level introduces the freestyle variant, 3-arm freestyle, and the new stroke of breaststroke kick, also known as the froggy legs.

This levels begins to introduce the more competitive style of swimming and the more technical strokes in swimming. Not only does this level build on the fundamentals of variations of freestyle and the technical stroke of the breaststroke kick, the lobster level starts to develop the children's endurance in our training pool with all the strokes.

This level is run with no more than 6 kids per class, to which the instructor keeps them in constant motion throughout the entire lesson.