Frequently Asked Questions ...

Q: How much are your lessons?

A: Our lessons are set at $18.00 per session, paid in advance on a MONTHLY basis.
For example, 4-week month would be $72.00* and a 5-week month would be $90.00*. 
You will receive a 5% discount per full priced booking, if fees are paid prior to the end of the month.
*The stated prices are set monthly fees regardless of cancellation and/or missed lessons.
These prices are subject to change.  
We will always adjust your fees should your swimming day fall on a public holiday.


Q: What happens if we cannot make it to our scheduled lesson?

A: Should your child be unable to attend their permanently booked swimming lesson, for ANY reason, you must notify Holsworthy Aquatic Centre prior to the lesson time. You will then have the opportunity to make up that class during that same calendar month, subject to availability. Please pick up our terms and conditions information sheet from reception, for more information.


Q: Is there a joining fee?

AA joining fee of $25 will be charged per child. This fee includes a swimming bag, an information folder and your first swimming cap. This is a once in a lifetime charge, regardless if you decided to leave and return to us at a later date.


Q: I have friends that want to join. What do I do?

AIf you have friends that you would like to share the Holsworthy Aquatic Centre experience with, please pick up a "Enrol a Friend" form from reception. This form entitles both you and your friend to a 30% discount on their second month with us. You are able to "Enrol" as many friends as you like! Start saving today!!


Q: How are your classes run?

A: All our teachers follow a set lesson procedure, with a maximum of 4 children in the class. If you have any queries about the lesson, or your child’s development relating to their swimming skills, please do not hesitate to ask either the teacher or the on deck supervisor.


Q: My child isn’t toilet trained, what is your policy?

A: Any children who are currently not toilet trained – MUST WEAR A PAIR OF APPROVED SWIMMING PANTS, under their swim suit. These are available from reception or selected stockists, . We do NOT allow any disposable nappies in our waters. 
Parents should not change babies nappies at poolside, but should use the tables provided in the change room. All dirty nappies should be disposed of in the bins provided.


Q: Are your pools heated?

A: Yes, The pools are heated all year round.


Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A:  Cash, Eftpos, VISA*/MASTERCARD* 
1% Surcharge on VISA or MASTERCARD credit transactions.