Junior Squads ...

Once proper technique is mastered, students then progress to our Squad levels.
Within our Squad program students prepare their skills, to work towards competitive
swimming, improving their stamina and endurance.


We have currently have two squad levels, Junior Squad and Junior Development Squad.

Once the squad coach has confirmed all stroke techniques have been mastered, they will be placed in the correct squad level.

All new students must be assessed before moving into squads.

These levels consist of refining and conditioning through various methods and drills so our swimmers are ableto become the best competitive swimmer they can be.

It is also a great level for kids, with complete swimming experience, to just 'swim for fitness'.

For an assessment into our squad levels please contact us to book.

For more information about competitive swimming with our 
swim club 'Holsworthy Hammerheads', 
please visit their website: